Maggi and the Lights

These faerie lights are very aesthetically pleasing 😍


Meet Magnolia💞

Hello. I am Magnolia, the newest rocky top doll. I am 13 years old. I love the beach and all things vintage, kawaii, and soothing. I love making slime with my new sister Adri and visiting the shore with my new sister Lyra. My full name is Magnolia Leilani Mitchell, but my close friends call... Continue Reading →

More Surprises

So it seems y'all don't like the boy dolls. Well me neither. Needs more diversity. But let's put the big thing aside and take a look at some of the other new releases. All credit to AG Update News, Historic AG Dolls, and AG Collect- go check them out on instagram! These photos are of... Continue Reading →

Rapunzel’s New Friend

Hi everyone! It's Rapunzel here! Today I made a new friend! Her name is Merida. She is part of the Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons team too! She is nice and loves archery and bears. She is from Scotland!! Here is a picture of her! Everyone please welcome her to the Rocky Top Dolls... Continue Reading →

Luciana Vega-GOTY 2018

Several reliable sources have confirmed Luciana Vega as GOTY 2018. There are lots of leaks but not as much has been coming out in the past couple years with Gabbi and now Luciana. I plan on buying her and some of her stuff. She is gorgeous! Here are a few photos of her collection. For... Continue Reading →

Happy Friendsgiving

Charolette: hey Shiloh Shiloh: hey Charolette: happy thanksgiving! Let's go shopping for Christmas gifts! I want to find a special one for you Shiloh: thanks! Happy thanksgiving to you too! I just put the tree up so I need some presents too So the girls went to the mall early to beat the crowd. They... Continue Reading →

Hurricane… A Photostory

{Paisley}  I stepped outside in the rain. I am a bit scared. Okay a lot scared. Some of the older dolls like Molly and Fluer are watching the news and bossing the sisters around more than usual. Even Tennessee was getting severe storms due to the Hurricanes. Bea told us all about her family down... Continue Reading →

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