Meet The Dolls

Meet the Rocky Top Dolls!

*This Page is Still in the Works*

Rebecca Harper Rubin

Merida McKenzie Dunbrough

Between her red curls, fiery personality, and love for the forest, this doll is my AG Twin! She enjoys archery, her favorite animal is a bear, and she secretly loves Irish Step-dancing!

Bailey Nicole (Nicki) Fleming

Sara Mckenzie Weaver

Bree Rutheen Davenport

Chase Douglas Davenport

Currently the only boy, Chase must rely on his bionics and inventions to help him! He is my second doll named after a Lab Rats character. As the smartest doll in the world, he gets along well with Kit. He usually spends time with his sister Bree, training for missions. His bionic abilities consist of superior intelligence, force-fields, and molecular kenisis (ability to move things with his mind), along with built in software and GPS locator and many more apps. His favorite color is green, his favorite food is sugar free cookies with carrot chunks, his best friend is Leo but they have to video chat because Leo had to move, and his favorite hobbies include missions and science and inventing cool stuff.

Margeret Mildred “Kit” Kitteredge

Paisley Kate Kitteredge


Paisley is my newest doll that I got for Christmas last year. She is Kit’s twin sister. Paisley is fun loving and always happy. She loves making people smile. Even though she isn’t as smart as her twin, she loves school because she sees it as a opportunity to make the world better. Her favorite color is pink, her favorite food is ice cream, her best friend is Elowyn, she is 13, and her favorite hobby is rollerskating.

Charolette Clove Weaver


Charolette is a very special doll. A friend gave her to me and she is very beautiful. She is named after my aunt who has a similar personality. She loves sugary treats, bright colors, talking, and fashion. she can sometimes be a bit of a drama queen, but is reliable when it really matters. She is 14, loves shopping, her favorite color is hot pink, her favorite food is pizza, and her favorite hobby is participating on the debate team. Her best friend is Grace and her sister is Sara

Regan Molly McIntire


Molly is the bookworm of the bunch. I received her along with Emily for Christmas 2013. She is very smart, but struggles a bit with Math and History. Reading and Science are her favorites. She loves mysteries and dreams of becoming a detective. She is 14, her best friend is Kit, she is an only child, her favorite color is purple, her favorite food is salad, and her favorite hobbies are reading and solving neighborhood mysteries.

Adrianne Maria “Adri” Attoms

Adri is a renamed Isabelle that I bought with my own money in February 2014. She enjoys science and tech. She is super smart and loves fashion! Her favorite color is light pink, her favorite food is steak, her best friend is McKayla-Grace, she is 13, and her favorite hobby is chemistry.

Pandora Ayspen ParkerIMG_5294.JPG

Pandora is one of my absolute favorite dolls! Her hair is stunning. She is a mega fashionista, a bit of a drama queen, and a true “popular girl”. She is a cheerleader and a youtube fashion icon. Her favorite color is turquoise, her favorite food is cotton candy, her best friend is Paisley, her sister is Shiloh, and her favorite hobby is secretly exploring the forest.

McKayla-Grace Thomas


Shiloh Mila Parker

Lyra Elizabeth Clark

Noelle Lavender Winters


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