Luciana Vega-GOTY 2018

Several reliable sources have confirmed Luciana Vega as GOTY 2018. There are lots of leaks but not as much has been coming out in the past couple years with Gabbi and now Luciana. I plan on buying her and some of her stuff. She is gorgeous! Here are a few photos of her collection. For... Continue Reading →


New Disney Releases

Since I probably won't be getting much AG stuff for a while, I decided to focus on other toys and doll brands. So here we from Disney TsumTsum! These are the new plushes that have just now been released! They look like they are carnival themed! And do I see Bambi characters? I even... Continue Reading →

Take A Look

Hey guys! It's Bea! Today American Girl released this picture on their website. I screenshoted it and decided to share! If you want to use this picture on your blog, just ask and credit me. Thanks! Here we see Naena, Logan, Tenney, Gabby, Z, and Felicity. Naena is for sure on my wishlist! I love... Continue Reading →

More about Logan

I hit the jackpot! Well my friend at AGUpdateNews did. Let's take a look at the first things that caught my eye. All credit to: TheAGBoy and AGUpdateNews! (Their Instagrams) Tell me in the comments if you will be getting him and your thoughts on these new updates. Enjoy!

Tenney and Logan

I was searching AG Update News and I found this. More Tenney stuff! I have been so excited for an actual "Rocky Top Doll" from Tennessee. Perfect. 👌🏻

More Leaks for Tenney and Logan! 

My friend (AGUpdateNews) gave me permission to post her Tenney leaks and ALL CREDIT GOES TO HER. Today I'm here to share Leaks of both Tenney and her friend, Logan. Unless you've been under a rock lately (lol) you most likely know about Logan. Well guess what? He's OFFICIAL! 😍 I am still not 100%... Continue Reading →

New Leaks on AG Update News 

Eeek! I won't write much on this post because it is AG Update News's Photos that you need to see...Julie Stuff!!!! These photos are used with permission by AG Update News. I love this! What are your thoughts? -Bea

Tenney Grant Updates

All images used with permission by AG Update News. The first photos are of Tenney's prototype doll. Note her hands aren't specially molded... Tenney's Meet Outfit. This skirt was one of the first Tenney leaks. I personally love the skirt, but I don't know how I feel about the shirt... Now for the official photos of... Continue Reading →

Gabriela McBride 

So I found more leaks on AG Update News for... you guessed it...Gabriela! Let's see about her new stuff!  A Hip Hop outfit perhaps? What a pretty doll! She really does look a lot like #46 though.This is a nice warm up set.  Her silhouette is sooooo cute!!!! Well that's all so far.  -Bea

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