New Disney Releases

Since I probably won't be getting much AG stuff for a while, I decided to focus on other toys and doll brands. So here we from Disney TsumTsum! These are the new plushes that have just now been released! They look like they are carnival themed! And do I see Bambi characters? I even … Continue reading New Disney Releases


American Girl Mega Blocks

I was shopping at my local Walgreens and I came across these for $10.99! I got them and decided to do a feature because I haven't seen any on weorpress. Without further ado, I give you American Girl Mega Blocks! Grace's Patisserie & McKenna's Practice Set ​ ​ ​​

Merida-Photo Shoot 

I went outside to shoot some photos of my new Merida doll that I got a my local thrift store for FREE! Let's get started!(this one is my favorite ⬆️)That is just a random candid picture of me with the doll! ❤️ Hope you enjoyed it! -Bea