3 Year Blogaversary!!!

Click on the above pic⬆️to view my instagramApril officially marks my 3 year anniversary of my blog! Three years spent growing, writing, and making friends! I pray for another year happily managing the blog!!! Thanks for being there💓


Spring in The Air

Margaux in the meadow💐 Pandora in the flowers🌿🌻lyra🤩🍱 What was your fav photo from the shoot!?!

Sneak Peak

As my obsession with dolls, photography, aesthetics, Hamilton, and Starbucks continues I guess I need to share a long awaited sneak peak of my 700 insta followers celebration shoot! Feedback is much appreciated! -Bea 🌟

Hamilton 🌟

Here is a small shoot based on the musical Hamilton! Any of my readers Hamilton fans? Comment below your favorite songs! Work work Angelica... I've been reading common sense by Thomas Paine. Some men say I'm intense or I'm insane. You want a revolution? I want a revelation. So listen to my declaration!We hold these... Continue Reading →

Harper’s Story Competition!

Hi guys!! It's Harper! Today I am taking over the blog to tell you about my story competition!! Just comment below to enter. The main thing is to have fun, but there are a couple of rules. No rude, offensive, or dirty language please. Also pick one of the categories below to base your story... Continue Reading →

how I dress my dolls

Hi everyone! It's Bea! And for today's post I am telling you about my doll clothes!! This has been highly requested so I thought I would give it a try! So let's get started... Find Your Style Do you like trendy clothes?? Aesthetic clothes?? Retro clothes?? Before you can dress a doll, you have to... Continue Reading →

a big milestone

As you know... I am nearing my 2 year blogaversiary!!! How exciting💓 But you may not know that I just reached 600 followers on my instagram page!!!!! So here is a celebratory photo shoot.

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