Tina & Queenie’s Adventures: The Forest Verboten

"Mercy Lewis what a day!" Tina whispered as she got ready for bed. She stared into the mirror above the vanity and stared at her short wavy dark hair. "Why can't my hair be pretty like Queenie's" she thought. She walked down the hallway and took a left at the sisters' bedroom. Her favorite photo... Continue Reading →


Tina And Queenie’s Holiday Photo Challenge

HEYYYY GUYSSSSSS ITS QUEENIE!!!!!! And Tina here too! Anyways, we thought it would be cool to host a photo challenge! Just post a holiday inspired photo on your blog and tell us something that your thankful for! But here's the catch... your photo must be 1920's themed! Vintage clothes, hair, setup anything!! And mercy lewis...... Continue Reading →


I will spare you my rambling! On with the pictures!!!! I want all the cheer stuff (it looks a lot like my cheer stuff) the volcano lab set 😍, and the sushi stuff & pjs. I also love the skateboard outfit, bunk bed, and car!! What are your favs? Tell me in the comments!

Meet Penelope

Hello! I am Penelope Celia Garcia! I have red hair, love fashion, am obsessed with computer science, and I have a cat!My best friends are JJ, Emily Grace, and Reid. I love them so much! JJ loves fashion like me, Emily is really cool and sweet, and Reid and I love to read comic books.... Continue Reading →

Mega Blocks Leaks

For y'all mega blocks fans... here is Samantha and Nellie's Victorian house and Maryellen's diner!! How cute! I'm not big into mega blocks. They kinda hurt when you step on them. But they are adorable nonetheless.

Leaks Part 2

WHAT?!?! ITS AN RV CAR FOR THE DOLLS AHHHH IM SCREAMING IMMA BE BROKE WHEN THIS COMES OUT! So far, we don't know much about this but it's really cute. What are your thoughts? Tbh, I'd probably crash it into a tree. I'm smart, not coordinated.

Behold… New Leaks!

This is just in!!! I found a few leaks on instagram that look very promising. Let's take a look! This shows a game-room this setup complete with a DVD set, pizza, games, gaming tables, gaming chairs, headsets, and a foosball. It even looks like ice cream, sodas, and a new outfit! Part 2 is on... Continue Reading →

The Sleepover

JJ: Hey everyone!! Welcome! Let's take some cute pics💞 Emily Grace: that was fun! Now for a few selfies!! Paisley-Penelope: can we play computer games?!?! JJ: actually I was thinking we should pop some popcorn and have a criminal minds marathon! Emily Grace: great idea! I'll get the popcorn. Paisley-Penelope: ok I'll get everything set... Continue Reading →

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