how I dress my dolls

Hi everyone! It’s Bea! And for today’s post I am telling you about my doll clothes!! This has been highly requested so I thought I would give it a try! So let’s get started…

Find Your Style

Do you like trendy clothes?? Aesthetic clothes?? Retro clothes?? Before you can dress a doll, you have to figure out your dolls’ personalities. You don’t want an aesthetic theme doll wearing bright soccer uniforms. It just doesn’t… flow. But don’t worry- you will find the right style of clothes for each of your dolls.


Get familiar with the latest trends. Floral print, off the shoulder, distressed denim, sweaters. The list goes on and on. You may know these trends, but we all know AG is not up to date with them. So where do I buy doll clothes?? Etsy! There are tons of trendy doll shops and here are a few of my favs: petite whale co, tulip and pine, the lux doll, elite doll world, sew cute forever, and there are lots more as well! Go check them out!!

Dressing The Doll

Make sure your doll is presentable. Especially if your taking pictures or doing a stopmotion/video with them. Make sure the outfits match, they have shoes, and their hair is fixed. And when I say matched I mean no sweaters with short shorts or tank tops with skirts. Don’t overuse patterns. Look up the color wheel online if you need help matching colors. Have fun with the style and express yourself! The main thing is that you like the outfit.


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