A Ride In The Park: A Photostory

Hi Everyone! It’s Elowyn, the nature-loving poetic one here at the Rocky Top Dolls! Today I took my bike for a spin around the park. Ready to see my adventures?


I found a shady tree to hide under while I got my gear ready. The park looked so beautiful from here…


I climbed onto the bike and rode onto the bicycle path, waving at people sitting on the benches. I love being outdoors and around people and the park feels so safe to me.


The sun rose higher in the sky and I kept going. The light breeze was a bit chilly. It was nature’s way of telling me that autumn is almost here.


After I parked my bike, I rested on the soft dewy grass. The bright sun beamed down on my face, whispering my name and smiling.

Thank you for viewing! Do you like nature? Comment below! Let’s get a friendly conversation going!


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