Iveywood Manor Episode 1

My eyes suddenly opened. I didn’t know where I was. I didn’t know when I was…

I found myself in a small village hut-like house with a set of medieval clothes by the bed. Whoever left them here must have know I was coming-the traveler!

My memory started to come back to me a bit, but there was still so much I couldn’t think of, so much I didn’t know. I was Brighton Emory, a catcher (bounty hunter that works with the FBI). I was here on a mission. Time travel is illegal in all of the 54 United States of America. It was my job to catch the time travelers if they committed the crime. I was one of the few people that could legally travel through time. Until now.

 A time traveler from 20 years ago, 2017, had come to the future, my time. At that point in time, time travel wasn’t illegal, so the council let her travel back to her time as a warning. Before she left she told me this: ” Find me. I will be in the past where kings and knights rule and dark times swept kingdoms. Where magic first began. I have the information you seek.”

So here I was, in the dark ages. Against the rules of course.

I slipped on the clothes and headed outside. I was shocked by what I saw. A Worgen stood howling atop a townhouse. It was like that old game my dad used to play when I was young…World of Warcraft. I closed the door and sat on the bed. A small note on the dresser said ” put on the dress. I have taken your cellring because people of this time do not make calls or buy flying cars online. You must find me but you don’t know me. You have barley even seen me. Good luck.”


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