AG Superstore Gatlingburg!!! 🛍

The gals are ready to hit the pool at the condo, but first, we’re going to the American Girl Doll Clothing Superstore! The one here in Gatlinburg (aka my favorite vacation place in TN) is really awesome!

I purchased two outfits and I had a 10% off coupon. The total was 21 dollars, much cheaper than AG. And since I am considering boycotting American Girl (I will post about that later) and I like helping our local businesses and getting cute doll stuff for less.

So on to the outfits:

The first outfit was a sports warm up set. It came in all different colors but I got the black and gold because it would go with all sorts of other shirts or pants. It came with a pair of cute running shorts made from a thin sporty material. The top is a crop top made of the same material. It can be used as a shirt or as an undershirt. The set is seriously cute! 

The next thing is this cute Gatlinburg shirt. It is made from a white cotton fabric with a screen printed design in the center. It pairs great with the shorts!

I think Shiloh was happy to model the clothes. Pandora usually does it but Shiloh looked good in sporty clothes!

What do you think about Shiloh modeling some of the clothes? What do you think about AG’s Permapanty  failure? Let’s get a friendly discussion going and leave your answer in the comments section below!



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