The Blogger Recognition Award!

      Thank you Rachel Vincent and Abby for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award! Being a fairly new blogger (my one year blogaversary is this April!!!!!) this is an enormous honor! Thank you so much you guys!

One year ago, I was obsessed with all of the American Girl blogs on the internet. I begged for one like crazy until my dad told me that I could have my own AG blog if I could find a way to create one. And being the curious, science and research loving kid I was, I found a way to do it: WordPress. Around that time, my family went to AG Nashville for the second or third time and that day marked one year since my grandmother had passed from cancer. She had always supported my writing skills and this blog is for her.

Enough with the sappy sad tears. Now for two tips for new bloggers. 

  1. Make you blog represent you. Use your favorite colors and theme and give it a title that speaks to you. Write about things you love and about what your feeling.
  2. Don’t stress too much. When you first start out, you won’t get many likes and comments. Don’t expect to have 100 followers when you wake up the next morning. You probably haven’t posted much and people haven’t found your blog yet. Just hang in there and give it time. You’ll be part of a blogging community in no time!

Finally, the 15 people I am nominating…


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