Gone Shopping: Antiques Edition 

On Saturday, my best friend was shopping at an antique store and came across a ton of American Girl items. She texted me a picture of it. Since yesterday, I had been searching every antique store in and around my town. Finally, my grandmother found the store! She took me to the store after picking me up from school. I spent almost 80 dollars (thankfully my grandmother put some up as Christmas gifts so I didn’t have to pay for it all). They had several dolls including Marisol, Molly, and Lindsey, but I had just gotten a new one and the dolls were 100 dollars and in very used condition. I got two pieces from Lindsey’s collection, two items from Samantha’s original collection, and one Kit item. So let’s get started! 

Lindsey’s Scooter

This is by far my favorite piece! It came with the American Girl of Today box, the scooter, the gloves, and the helmet. I got if for 15$ and the original retail was 34$!

Lindsey’s Laptop Accessories This was $15 and came with additional accessories as well as the original ones.

Kit’s Christmas Dress 

This dress is ADORABLE! I have been wanting it forever-and it was only $15! 

Samantha’s Christmas Dress & Nightgown 

I don’t have much to say about these two dresses except that they were $15 each and very detailed and beautiful.

Thanks for viewing! If you would like a more detailed review of a particular item, please tell me in the comments.

-Bea 💕


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