All About Me

So I’ve been blogging five months now and have decided to tell you a bit about myself. Here we go!


My favorite AGTuber (sent in by AGteen):

 I actually have two. AGOverseasFan is my favorite unboxer and basilmentos is my favorite stop motioner.

Favorite Shoes:

Right now I would have to say Chacos, Converse, and Nikes. I actually don’t have Nikes because my mom is making me wait until the last quarter when I have P.E.

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:

Mint chocolate chip all the way!

Favorite Thing from Starbucks:

Their cake pops! I actually don’t drink coffee and there is actually a long story behind it that I will save for another time.

About my school-

I am in 7th grade in public school. I attended a private school for 6 years but I transferred for middle school. I love science and language arts and I am slowly starting to like math! 😛

My Dolls-

My first doll:

My first doll was Rebecca. I got her for Christmas in 2009. She is not in great condition because I was pretty little when I got her. But here is a little secret-she was actually my first 18″ AG. My first AG was a very late pleasant company Bitty Baby.

I am expecting an new one for my birthday in a few weeks. Her name will be released soon!


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