Dollar Store Haul

They had several awesome items at my local Dollar Tree. I couldn’t wait to share them with you!

First is this cute emoji tape pack that is really cute! It was obviously $1 and seems to be good quality. There were also two styles of notebooks with emojis and some markers. There were also some emoji brand bandages so we picked those up (because you know… I’m only the most accident prone person on the face of the earth). 

Next we have this adorable composition notebook. It is pink glitter and it was sooooo cute! 😱😮😀🤗 I already have my four (if I wasn’t in public schools now I probably would have had to have a lot more lol) I still got it so I could use it for a writing journal or a sketchbook.

Lastly I have these scented markers. I love Crayola and I love Pip Squeak markers but…um…you’ll see in a minute. Now I have to say, I am definitely NOT the most daring person, but if I can parasail over the gulf I can handle a pizza scented marker. I just had to buy them because it’s not every day that you find a 4 pack of Crayola markers at the dollar store. The scents are: Pizza, Berry Gelato, Cappuccino, and buttered macaroni. Yea!

Well, that’s all for tonight! And sorry for the weird background! It’s my couch actually!

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