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Say Hello To My Little Friends

I was recently nominated by Victoria over at The By Kids For Kids Blog for an unusual thing.  It’s called “Who Should GOTY 2017 Be?”  Thanks Victoria for nominating me, this sounds interesting!  And who knows, maybe someone will get their idea used by AG someday?  So, here goes:

What is the name of your GOTY?  Leanne O’Neill

What does she look like?
She has short dark brown hair and violet blue eyes.  Her mom tells her she reminds her of actress Elizabeth Taylor with those eyes.  Her face would be made with the Marie-Grace mold.

How old is she? 10 years old

Where does she live?  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Personality? She’s very outgoing and a little bit hyperactive.  She loves animals and helps her mom out as a volunteer at the local animal shelter.

Hobbies? she loves music and is learning to play the trombone.  She also takes Irish Step Dancing…

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