Who is Ready For Season 3 of ‘The Flash’?

Every Flash fan is waiting for the premiere of season 3 of The Flash. There have been many things waiting to be blogged about before the premiere though. Warning: Season 2 spoilers ahead!

  1. A New Speedster
  2. He’s Back! Wait what?
  3. Cisco the medahuman
  4. Wally West
  5. The secrets of Harrison Wells

1- A New Speedster

A new speedster, Zoom, is introduced as the main antagonist in season 2. He is like the Reverse Flash except he is from Earth 2. He is said to have taken Jay Garrick’s speed to become faster. He seems to have no reason to do this. He is just plain evil I guess.

2- He’s Back! Wait what?

The Earth 2 version of Harrison Wells, last season’s major antagonist, was entroduced fairly early in season 2. He claims that he is nothing like Earth 1 Harrison Wells and he wants to help them defeat Zoom. Obviously he is hiding something so you have to watch to find out.

3- Cisco the medahuman 

Cisco discovers powers to see things from the future and things from Earth 2. He helps save a scientist at Mercury Labs and helps Linda attempt to trap Zoom. He also sees a vibe when he touches Kendra, a main charecter from Ledgends of Tommorrow. He also saves Kendra from Vandall Savage with the help of Barry and Oliver.

4- Wally West

Iris West finds out that she had a little brother and keeps it from Joe for a few weeks. Joe finds out that Wally is doing something bad to get money to pay for his mom’s hospital bills, but doesn’t stop until Iris gets put in the hospital because of him. He is quite an interesting new charecter.

5- The secrets of Harrison Wells

Earth 2 Wells has a daughter, Jessie, who was kidnapped by Zoom. Wells secretly tries to steal Barry’s speed and give it to Zoom so he can get his daughter back. It is also kind of his fault that Iris was put in the hospital.

There are many more surprises in season 2, but you have to watch to find out!

– Bea ⚡️


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