Food Review- Wendy’s Fast Food Resturaunt

Pretty much everyone knows about Wendy’s. From the spicy chili to the logo with the hidden “mom” message, Wendy’s is pretty much famous, well as far as fast food chain restaurants go lol! A day or so ago, I had ordered a small chili and value fry. I tryed a fry and they tasted bad and they were cold. We had to wait five or six minuets on another order of fries. When I returned home, I tried my chili. I was cold too and had about three whole beans and very few pieces of meat and vegetables. It was pretty much cold tomato water! And to top it all off, the lady didn’t even give us a recipt which includes the phone number and I believe it also includes a survey to rate the service! I am not even sure if I will eat at my local Wendy’s ever again. I give this restaurant a 5/10. The cold food, no recipt, long wait, and liquidy chili, I deducted 5 points. I did give them a little credit for giving me fresh fries but overall, I am not satisfied.


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  1. Ewe! That is so gross! I don’t eat at Wendy’s that often (I have only been to one about 3 times in my whole life)! If we ever go to a city, we mainly eat at Burger King! Even at Florida ,Orlando. When we would get back from Disney World late in the evening, we always went to Burger King. And not one time did I get cold fries! I really love their fries! But great review! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

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